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Journal articles

  1. Possession and Syntactic Categories: An Argument from Äiwoo
    Giovanni Roversi
    Natural Language & Linguistic Theory , , to appear
  2. An agent-first preference in a patient-first language during sentence comprehension
    Sebastian SauppeÅshild NæssGiovanni Roversi, and 3 more authors
    Cognitive Science 47, 1-36, 2023
  3. Jespersen in the Reef Islands: Single vs Bipartite Negation in Äiwoo
    Giovanni Roversi, and Åshild Næss
    Oceanic Linguistics 58, 324–352, 2019

Proceedings articles

  1. Syntactic vs. Morphological Verbal Concord across Austronesian
    Yvette Yi-Chi WuTamisha L. Tan, and Giovanni Roversi
    In Proceedings of TripleAFLA 29, 104–118, 2023
  2. How to Satisfy Probes: Person/Number Hierarchy Effects in Äiwoo
    Giovanni Roversi
    In Proceedings of NELS 50, vol. 3, 99–112, 2020
  3. Dislocation types in Emilian
    Giovanni Roversi
    In Proceedings of ConSOLE 26, 172–187, 2018


  1. The Morphosyntactic Structure of the Äiwoo Verb
    Giovanni Roversi
    MA thesis; University of Oslo, 2019