teaching 🧑🏻‍🏫


MIT (Teaching Assistant)

  1. 24.952 Advanced Syntax
    Instructors: Danny Fox, and Dmitry Privoznov
    2023 (Spring)
  2. 24.951 Introduction to Syntax
    Instructors: Ksenia Ershova, and David Pesetsky
    2022 (Fall)
    • I taught a main section about Dependent Case Theory.
  3. 24.902 Language and its structure II: Syntax
    Instructor: David Pesetsky
    2021 (Fall)
    • I taught a main section about my research on possession and syntactic categories.

University of Oslo (Lecturer)

  1. ENG1103 English Phonetics and Intonation
    Instructor: Giovanni Roversi
    2020 (Spring)
  2. Norwegian Language for International Students
    Instructor: Giovanni Roversi
    2019-2020 (Fall, Spring, Summer)
  3. EXFAC03-SPR Introduction to Linguistics
    Instructor: Giovanni Roversi
    2019 (Fall)
    • I taught sections on language typology, language change, and language variation.