talks 🎤

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Invited talks

  1. Where can probes be? Evidence from asymmetric adjectival concord
    Giovanni Roversi
    NYU LingLunch, 2022

Other talks

  1. Exceptional Ā-extraction in Austronesian informs theories of voice systems
    Giovanni Roversi
    CLS 60 – UChicago; AFLA 31 – UMass Amherst, 2024
  2. Condition C, Anti-Cataphora, and “Reverse Crossover” in Äiwoo
    Giovanni Roversi
    GLOW in Asia XIV – Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2024
  3. Acquisition of *ABA paradigms in a child Artificial Language Learning Experiment
    Giovanni Roversi, Kate Kinnaird, and Athulya Aravind
    BUCLD 48 – Boston University, 2023
  4. Adjectival “concord” in North Sámi is not concord (and it’s two different phenomena)
    Giovanni Roversi
    CLS 59 – UChicago; WCCFL 41 – UC Santa Cruz, 2023
  5. Syntactic vs. Morphological Verbal Concord across Austronesian
    Yvette Yi-Chi WuTamisha L. Tan, and Giovanni Roversi
    Triple AFLA 29 — University of Manchester, 2022
  6. The Agent Bias in Comprehension is Robust in an OVS Language, at least for Human Referents: Evidence from Äiwoo (Solomon Islands)
    Sebastian SauppeÅshild NæssGiovanni Roversi, and 3 more authors
    HSP 35 – UC Santa Cruz, 2022
  7. Possession without possessives (but with verbs): the view from Äiwoo
    Giovanni Roversi
    GLOW 45 — Queen Mary University of London, 2022
  8. How to satisfy probes: person/number hierarchy effects in Äiwoo
    Giovanni Roversi
    NELS 50 — MIT, 2019
  9. A complex verb complex: templatic morphology and affix order in Äiwoo
    Giovanni Roversi
    APLL 11 — Universiteit Leiden, 2019
  10. Dislocation types in Emilian
    Giovanni Roversi
    ConSOLE 26 — UCL; StuTS 62 – Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, 2018